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Coptic Church Announcements
  • Every Sat there will be Kiahk Tasbeha at 6:00 PM in both Churches. Please encourage your children to attend with you and keep them quiet.
  • The Christmas Concert is today at 5:00 PM in 60th Place Church. There are no tickets. All are invited.
  • The coming Sat Dec 28 will be the monthly spiritual & recreational day for the elementary school students with their parents 1:00-4:30 PM, in 60th Place Church.
  • On the New Year Eve, we will have Sunday celebration at 8:00 PM in 60th Place Church, Kiahk Tasbeha, sermons, Midnight prayer then the Divine Liturgy at midnight in both Churches. Please come and bring your Children.
  • There will be no Divine Liturgy on Wed Jan 1, 2020 in the morning.
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