Protection prosperity must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name

please i am experiencing hell on earth i think am a victim of witch craft and also my punishment for my sin and being arrogant pray for me my baptismal name is Hailegabriel just ask mercy from Christ for me i think i

Please join me in prayer for a moment. I have problems with stomach and they are annoying, very annoying because they keep coming back…. God please heal my body! My baptismal name is Alexander.

My nephews name is chadi FARAH, he is currently engaged and having difficulty with his fiancee, as she is pushing him to get marry and he is not ready yet , doesn’t work and lives with parents, He wanted to find work first to be able to start his life independetly but fiancé is pushing…

My mother is waiting for biopsy results. Please pray she doesn’t have a cancer.

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