Please pray that I get accepted into school for September 2015. Thank you.

Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for over 5 months and can’t get rid of them without GOD.My mom is scared she woke up with a bunch of bed bugs biting her.In JESUS Name Pray GOD gets rid of the bed…

Please pray for peace in our Ridgewood community, even as we are beset by violence. Please pray that we not succumb to fear and hatred. Please pray for love.

Please pray God release protection over me I have two kids and do not make enough. I really need God’s favor over my courtcase on April 14, 2015. We are about the lose home we live in its being tax forclosed please pray. Please pray for a good lawyer to represent me and God sends…

Please pray I am in trouble in pharmacy school and might not be able to continue if the faculty does not agree to let me continue. Please God help me clean up my act and give me a chance.

please pay God healing miracle for Nijole. please pray GOD mercy, deliverance ir protection for me and my family. please pray for Gvidas K. which recently passed away.

Please pray that my mum is healed miraculously from cancer which has occurred in her colon and abdomen. Please also pray that the blockage in her colon is reversed so that she does not require surgery.

Please pray for us for we are moving today to our new home and the weather is not on our side. Please pray that God always us to have a safe and happy move and that it doesn’t snow much and we are able to relocate safely. Please pray for a miracle in the process…


My name is Dwi and I am Thirsty. Please I beg you to pray for me to Jesus through Mother Mary, His Blessed Mother, and your patron saint. I’m very very poor in this life: my economy financial hardship, bad health, unfinished study. Please pray for me so that my throat sore lungs total recovered….