Please pray for us for we are moving today to our new home and the weather is not on our side. Please pray that God always us to have a safe and happy move and that it doesn’t snow much and we are able to relocate safely. Please pray for a miracle in the process…


My name is Dwi and I am Thirsty. Please I beg you to pray for me to Jesus through Mother Mary, His Blessed Mother, and your patron saint. I’m very very poor in this life: my economy financial hardship, bad health, unfinished study. Please pray for me so that my throat sore lungs total recovered….

I pray to God, our Lord, that my family will find protection, healing, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I pray that we will turn towards God at this difficult moment in our lives. I pray that all of my family will find faith and turn from our past sins through the…

God please bring me back George and to forgive me. To make him more patient and accepting of my imperfections

That the University Of Washington radiology department calls me on 1/9/15, and informs me that my medical insurance approved my request for an Urgent Pet/Ct scan of my complete brain, head, pituitary gland, and orbits(eyes), with and without contrast, both vertical and horizontal in full amount. That all of my Pet/Ct scans are conducted on…

Please pray for healing for our granddaughter who has had Three major open heart surgeries two of the in the last week.

Please pray for me as I work with alot of men and counsel them. Please pray for my protection as I work alone and that I don’t get attacked or raped in my office and that God protects me at all times. Amen.

Please pray that my primary care clinic will call me on 1/23/15 and inform me that they ordered the Urgent Closed Pet/Ct of my head, brain, pituitary gland and orbits(eyes) with and without contrast, both vertical and horizontal.That it will be ready by Monday 1/26/15. Im Jesus name we pray in agreement Amen

Please pray for me to get a job, it is getting very hard for me and my family. Also to solve dept problems, and blessing. May God bless everyone who reads this and pray with me. May God bless and protect our church, Amen