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Coptic Church Announcements

Vote in the Egyptian Presidential Election

  • The voting for the presidential election is extended one day until Monday May 19, 9pm, at the Egyptian Consulate 1110 second Ave, New York, NY 10002.
  • Your vote is very important!
  • Voting by the El Raqam Elqawmy even it is expired. No need to be registered. or by the Egyptian Passport ( which contains El Raqam Elqawmy ) even it is expired.

Information and Dates for the upcoming 2014 Summer ECCYC Retreats:

  • Servants Retreat Jun 27-29, HG Bishop Youssef
  • College Retreat Jul 25-27
  • HS Girls Retreat Jul 28-30
  • HS Boys Retreat Jul 30-Aug 1
  • All the retreats will take place in the University of Scranton located in Pennsylvania
  • Applications can be found on ECCYC website and with Sandra Farag.
  • HG Bishop Mousa & HG Bishop Thomas will attend July retreats.
  • Please be sure to register early so you can take advantage of the early bird discount.