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Coptic Church Announcements
  • Today,  Sun Jan 6 is the Paramon of the Nativity Feast.
  • There will be the two Divine Liturgies at the morning, but there will be no Sunday school service on that day.
  • The Nativity Feast Divine Liturgy on coming Sun, in both Churches, will start at 5:30 PM Raising of Incense, 7:00 Offertory, 8:00 Gospel, 9:30 Communion, 10:00 Conclusion and Benediction.
  • On the Nativity Feast day Mon 7, the kindergarten & elementary children will have celebration 11:00 AM-2:00 PM in Woodward Ave Church
  • If any one of the students needs a letter from the Church that Jan 7 is our Christmas according to the old Calendar, and will be off on that day, please see Fr. Antony.

2019 Christmas/New Year Schedule