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Coptic Church Announcements
  • The weather is very hot outside, therefore, please be sure that your children are not playing outside. They have to go to Sunday school directly, and take them home immediately after Sunday school.
  • The coming Sat Jul 27, there will be the elementary school recreational & spiritual day at 1:00 PM in 60th Place Church.
  • The ECCYC College Summer retreat will be the coming weekend.
    Registration is online
  • The new semester of Hymns school will start in Sep. The registration is open until the end of July. The applications are available with the Alhan servants, and the fee is $20/person.
  • Please do not go to the basement in 60th Place Church until the Divine
    Liturgy is done. Respect the servants who organize the service in any
    Divine Liturgy, and listen to their instructions.