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Coptic Church Announcements
  • This coming Wednesday night, September 11,  will be Feast of Nayrouz. Evening Raising of Incense at 7PM at Woodward Church. Thursday morning, September 12th , the Feast of the Nayrouz Liturgy will be from 8:30-11 AM in Woodward church.
  • 11 Th & 12 TH grades students who want to take SAT, ACT or SAT Prep can
    register ASAP. Also tutoring is available for grades 1-10. Registration is
    with Shaher Khalil or Edward Armanios.
  • If there is any teacher, who is qualified for tutoring or SAT, please contact
    Shaher Khalil. The Church is willing to pay for the qualified teachers to
    help our children.
  • Piano & Violin lessons will be from Sep 22 to Dec 15, every Sun in
    Sunday school building in 60 th Place Church. Fees are $ 150 per student.
    Registration forms are with Gehan Kalene, Mervat Yousef & Edward
  • The coming Sun all Sunday school children will go to their regular classes.
    Sep 15 will start the new classes.
  • HS & JHS retreat on Columbus Day weekend Oct 12-14, will be in
    Tuscurroa Inn in PA. Applications are on the Church website and with
    Sunday school servants.
  • ECCYC graduate retreat November 1-3 in the Poconos. The topic is “Joy”,
    and the speakers are Fr Bishoy Lamie& Phoebe Farag. Applications are