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  • St Mary’s Fast begins on Tuesday, Aug 7. Every day there will be Divine Liturgy from 9:00-11:00 AM; the revival will be 8:00-10:00 PM starting the coming Sun Aug 12; both will be in Woodward Ave Church. View the Nada schedule here.
  • Music classes will start on Sun Sep 22. Registration forms are available with Mr. Saad Farag. Last day of registration is Aug 19.
  • There will be a service for the hobbies for our children of Sunday school. Please contact Mrs. Mariam Toma and register with her. If you have any material that can benefit the children in their practice, please talk also to Mrs. Mariam Toma.
  • Every member of our congregation is required to register on to have a membership ID. This has nothing to do with the Papal’s visit. It’s for security reasons and it will be required in any event related to the visit. Edward Armanios will help with registering after the first Divine Liturgy, and Michel Toma will help after the second Divine Liturgy. Please bring your credit card with you.