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Coptic Church Announcements
  • The Summer Camp for JHS & HS (grades 7-12) started on Jul 2 in Woodward Street Church from 5:00-10:00 PM, Mon-Thur. Registration is $20 per person for the whole Summer, including food every night.
  • Summer activities for elementary children started on July 5th. Registration and applications are with Samia Aziz and Mary Nashed after Liturgies.
  • The ECCYC Summer retreats: college Jul 27-29, HS boys Jul 29-31 & HS
    girls Jul 29-Aug 2, which will be in Scranton University. Applications are
    online here.
  • There is a Protestant service in the area is trying to attract our children &
    youth with summer activities, T-shirts & food. The person who is leading
    this activity is trying to build friendship with many of our families on
    Facebook. Please be aware of anyone who is trying to lure you with
    materialistic things to deviate you from your Church Faith. We have
    activities for our children and youth. If you have time and can help, please
    talk the servants of these services.
  • Registration (church membership) is required by everyone in the Diocese of NY and NE for security reasons. Register online here. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POPE’S VISIT. However, because of security reasons, no one will be allowed in any event related to the Pope’s visit unless he/she has the membership ID.