Open/Close Menu 606 Woodward Ave. Ridgewood Queens, NY 11385
  • Pep Boys agreed for us to use the parking lot today, subject to keeping it clean. Please do not through any thing in the parking lot, and if found anything on the floor, put in the garbage basket.
  • After the Divine Liturgy, we will go to the basement to take light breakfast, followed by a sermon about the life of thanksgiving, then we will have early dinner. Thanks to all who contributed and worked in this occasion.
  • Young Professionals retreat Dec 15-17 with HG Bishop Angelos, Bishop of London. Details at website
  • The coming Sat there will be spiritual day for the children 3rd-8th grades in Woodward Church
  • Also the coming Sat there will be the family meeting at 5:00 PM in 60th Place Church. Hymns lessons for the children will be in the same time.
  • St George Church in Brooklyn is inviting us to attend the Christmas carols choir on Sat Dec 2 at 5:30-730 PM in St George community center. Tickets are with Gina Beshay.