Please continue to pray for our beloved church member, Dr. Nassef Lancen and also for his family (Ezabelle, Jessica & Joyce), who is being treated at a NY hospital. May God bless Dr. Nassef with a speedy recovery and comfort his family during this tough time.

I complain so much so this prayer request is for those who aren’t complaining but really should, God is always with us.

please pray for six yr old child, has suffered 47 seizures, critical pediatric intensive care unit, our only refuge, only solace, is in our faith. Please help us pray + don and pat and family

Dear Sir/Madam, Im a lonely lady leaves in foreign country. im so much streesed in my work place, missing my mother, sisters & brothers, most of my family have a health problem and my self i prayed every day but i couldn’t able to do anything plus i try a lot of things but im…

I ask prayers for the health of God’s servant Igor, 14 years old suffering from disease of alcoholism. In the eighties involved in the Afghan war, Afghan syndrome also has an effect.

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