This is to say a big thank you for all your prayers. I am much more in the light side now and I feel much better. I was told that I was going to do a ministry and I am still waiting so I would like you to pray for a successful start to my…

Hello ! Pray for the spiritual happiness of the very erudite Buddhist monk Matthieu RICARD and the Belgian and Jewish star Virginie EFIRA towards the Heaven. Amen !

Baptismal name Andrei. Have issues with cancer and complications, please include me in your prayers if you can. Also if you can, please add Aleksander to the list, he has problems with duodenal ulcers. Thank you!

Please pray for my husband Seth who is a drug addict and alcoholic. He was missing for two days, just called in, is stranded in another state and doesn’t know where his car is. I can’t take away the consequences of his addiction by rescuing him. He will never change that way. Please pray that…

That we may all come to know how much god loves us and how eager he is to be reunited with us. Regardless of our faults or mistakes in life, he awaits our return. Please pray for those of us who are bound by guilt or shame and do not comprehend our lords great love.

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