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Hello ! Pray for the spiritual happiness of the very erudite Buddhist monk Matthieu RICARD and the Belgian and Jewish star Virginie EFIRA towards the Heaven. Amen !

Baptismal name Andrei. Have issues with cancer and complications, please include me in your prayers if you can. Also if you can, please add Aleksander to the list, he has problems with duodenal ulcers. Thank you!

Please pray for my husband Seth who is a drug addict and alcoholic. He was missing for two days, just called in, is stranded in another state and doesn’t know where his car is. I can’t take away the consequences of his addiction by rescuing him. He will never change that way. Please pray that…

That we may all come to know how much god loves us and how eager he is to be reunited with us. Regardless of our faults or mistakes in life, he awaits our return. Please pray for those of us who are bound by guilt or shame and do not comprehend our lords great love.

Please pray for me since I lost my job I have severe depression as Christians I don’t want to take medication please pray for me I can’t help my kids and I am a single mother of three lord please please it feel I don’t want to live no more…

Prayer for George Blanke after construction accident

May my wife, my children & myself be happy May my wife, my children & myself be healthy May my wife, my children & myself be safe May my wife, my children & myself live with ease

pray for st George orthodox church, sohar, Oman. its the victim of disharmony and unrest. always fights among the people. There is a general body meeting scheduled to be held on 17th March. there are chances of big fights and controversies.

Please assist me with your prayers for God’s blessings and miracles to immediately heal my financial situation. Long term unemployment has left me broke and hopeless. Without God’s intervention in this situation, my only choice is suicide. I am all alone in this world, and pray for God’s love and his miracle of extraordinary financial…

Protection prosperity must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name

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