Fr. Antonios Makaryus’ Surgery Update: By God’s grace and your prayers, Abouna has returned home today & is continuing a strong recovery.

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Ed Mark

Thank God for what he had done and we ask him to keep blessing all our fathers always,and thanks for the updates..

Wagdy rezk

wa7shtna ya ods abouna antonios ya 7abebna rabena ytamem shefa3k w terg3 lena b el salamaa


God’s speed Abouna
with the blessings of his mother and all his saints

ezabelle abdelmaseeh

حمدلله على سلامتك يا بونا احنا عرفنا ممنوع الاتصال بس الحمد لله اطمئنينا
speedy recovery God bless
our regards
Ezabelle and Insigam

Osama / Marian / Alexander

Get well soon Abouna. We love you and miss you do very much.

May Jesus and Vigin Mary protect you and save you.

We hope we could speak and see you very soon.

Remember us in your prayers.

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