Our beloved Abouna Antonios is recovering nicely following the successful surgery with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery and we will notify you when his reverence can begin to receive phone calls.

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Bacon/ Antonious N. Antonious

We all thank God for the successful surgery, Praying for speed recovery….Amen.


I pray for strenght to the Church and Church Fathers in my prayers. Great news to hear of the successful reasul and recovery. We all live in God’s hands.

In the Name of the Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit, God bless the whole Church.

Finote – Bermuds

Ed Mark

Thank God ,May God grant you great health always ya Aouna

Adly Dawood

God with you our beloved Aboune Antonios


I hope you feel better uts abouna I love you so so much

sadek boulos

we thank the lord jesus christ for successful surgery,we pray for speedy recovery to our beloved ABOUNA ANTONIOS;please come back soon,we miss you so much;GOD BLESS YOU ABOUNA ANTONIOS

Rebecca-Mariam- Michel

Thanks God for the great news. God keeps you for your congregation our beloved precious Father.

Maryam Meseha

I’m sooo happy to hear this. Please send him my love and tell him walking into eccyc without walking into his open arms was something I better not go through again 😀

Antonious N Antonious

Thank God for the successful surgery. Let us all pray for speed recovery.

Nagwa - Hani Iskanadar

Dear our beloved father , Thank god for the successful surgery. we pray for you.

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