Join us for our upcoming festival will take place at SMSA 2 (60th Place Church) and will be held Sat & Sun Jun 1,2 & 8,9. On both Saturdays the Divine Liturgies will be only in 60th Place Church. Encourage all to come and participate, enjoy and serve!

Sunday school service will present a play “Who is to blame” on Sunday Mar 10 at 8:30 pm during the Youth meeting on 606 Woodward Ave Church. All are invited.

As we begin the Lenten Season 2012, I was compelled to put together the attached resource to aid in “Getting the Most Out of Fasting” this year.  Some of the varying reasons I have put this short article together are: 1. to encourage those sharing in this year’s Lenten journey, to attempt to get more…

His Holiness Pope Shenouda III urges every Coptic Christian to vote now.
His Grace Bishop Moussa of the youth said that he is very optimistic in regards to the voting system.
His Grace Bishop Raphael said we have to go to the voting areas, the church guides you but does not tell you whom to vote for, we have to be honest in giving our votes for the future of Egypt.

Please Read More to VOTE TODAY!

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