Truly Christ is Risen, Happy Easter! Below are the announcements that were read During the Liturgy, please share, God Bless! After the Divine Liturgy the youth are invited for breakfast downstairs. Tomorrow Easter Sunday at 1:00 PM will be our Sunday school celebration at Woodward Church. On Wed May 8 will celebrate in the Divine Liturgy…


This is the 2013 Easter Papal Message for the Glorious Feast of Resurrection. You will find the video broadcasts as well as the PDF versions for download in multiple languages. Here is the link: 2013 Easter Papal Message in different languages.

Paschal Prayers for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (4-29-5/1) God willing 606 Woodward Location at the following times: First – Eleventh Hours of the Morning Prayers: 10:00AM – 12:30PM Evening Paschal Prayers: 7:00 PM – 9:30PM Please attend. Live Streaming will also be available at: SMSA1

Reminder Please click link below to find the 2013 Paschal schedule, God bless! Click here to download 2013-HolyWeek Schedule.

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